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5 possible problems when looking for a job abroad

Work abroad sounds attractive for many reasons. Higher salary, experience, getting to know a new foreign country, the opportunity to travel and change the environment really attracts allot of people. In such foreign countries as Denmark it is really possible to earn much more than in Lithuania, therefore financial opportunities are often the main reason for leaving and sometimes even staying to work in that country for a long time.

While there are many benefits, it is important to understand that looking for a job or already working abroad can be a less enjoyable experience. So, what are the main problems faced by job seekers abroad and how to avoid them?


Unsuccessful job search

While you may think that when you go abroad you will have a lot of time to find a job this is definitely not the case. Finding a job abroad can really take some time. Sometimes it is simply not possible to find a job offer that you expected or there are no vacancies in the desired region. There are various reasons that can negatively affect your job search. If you can’t find a job for a long time, there are other problems – you run out of savings, you don’t have money to pay for rented housing or a room. When you go abroad without a guaranteed job, there is always a risk that you will have to return to your home country when your savings are over. To feel safer and go abroad with a guaranteed job, it is advisable to contact employment agencies that help you get the best job offers.

Unsuccessful search for accommodation

When going abroad to work, you also need to think carefully about where you will have to live. It is great if you have friends, relatives or good acquaintances in a foreign country who would allow you to stay with them for at least a short time. In other cases, finding suitable accommodation can be difficult, especially if you don’t know where to look. It is best to get a place to live before you leave – this will ensure that you do not end up on the street. You can find accommodation using social networks – there are many groups where foreigners share information and help each other. It is also possible to look on various websites, where residents of the selected country place ads related to housing rentals. It is also worth noting that in some cases a workplace provides a place to live, so you always need to find out if the employer provides such an opportunity. In Denmark, finding a home is hampered by the fact that homeowners are reluctant to rent to people without a social security number. Another important thing is that an advance payment is requested for at least two months ahead. It is also very often the case that the rented accommodation is unfurnished and the walls are required to be repainted on departure. When choosing a job offer through a recruitment agency accommodation is often offered, so this often removes the extra stress of preparing to go to work abroad. However, it is very important to find out the accommodation conditions and price in advance.



When traveling to work abroad, it is natural that not everything is known about the laws, work culture and system of that country. It is possible to face dishonest employers and poor working conditions. Some unfair employers are well aware that those from abroad are much easier to deceive than locals. Often they do not understand the language as well as the locals, do not know what the employment contracts and other documents should look like. Thus, when you find a job yourself it is certainly not always possible to get good working conditions or a salary that meets your expectations. It can also happen that you do not get paid, the employment contract is fake or the person is legally contracted in a completely different way than agreed. Recruitment agencies protect you from such poor experiences. They help you to find work, in often cases they offer accommodation, arrange contracts, provide information about taxes, answer all the questions and help throughout the whole working period in Denmark. Temporary employment agencies that specialize in employment in Denmark have a good knowledge of the tax system and receive maximum tax benefits for their workers when handling documents. As you know, temporary employment agencies perform some of the functions of an employer and pay employees wages, thus ensuring security for workers. Reliable recruitment agencies usually check the credibility of the clients to whom they send their workers. Most of them guarantee a salary even if the client does not settle with the agency, so working through the agency can prevent you from possible unpleasant events.


Language barrier

Knowledge of a foreign language has a great influence on finding a job abroad. Really, a lot of jobs can’t be done if you don’t speak either local or English. Of course, you can find many jobs where language is not necessary but it may not be easy to learn and discover such jobs without a good knowledge of the language. In such cases it is possible to look for work abroad while you are still in your home country; perhaps you will be able to find an offer where language is not necessary. However, if you put a lot of effort in it you can really learn a foreign language. Let’s say English is great not only for looking for a job but also for living in another country or traveling.


No guaranties

Even when you find a job abroad it is often impossible to predict how long you will be able to keep it. You never know when an employer can fire you, ask you to leave, or there will be another problem that could lead to job loss. Since many foreigners are unaware of their rights, it is best to trust intermediary companies. The signed documents will be explained and the commitments will be fulfilled. You will also be able to choose short-term jobs where the work period has specific start and end dates, so you will have better guarantees. You can also find long-term jobs through recruitment agencies, where terms and conditions will be clarified to you.

If you want to work abroad, you need to understand that things are not always as simple as they may seem. If you are reckless, earning bigger money and gaining experience abroad can be risky. To protect and secure a good job with all the guarantees, it is best to look for a job where it is provided by good friends, relatives, former colleagues or a recruitment agency. In other cases it is very important to remember to read contracts carefully and always enquire and ask about all of the parts that are unclear.