Who we are?

Baltic Workforce is an international employment company with headquarters in Denmark. We are one of the market leaders among employment companies in Denmark and we have over 18 years of experience in recruitment, employment and administration of employees from Europe.

We are confident that both our customers and employees receive the best services from our professional consultants.

What we do?

We offer qualified and not qualified jobs with legal employment in Denmark  for short-term or long-term assignments  in different areas:

Seeking for highest results, we cooperate only with reliable clients and partners.

We offer

We guarantee

We provide

Why us?

We helped over 12000  employees  to get a job in Denmark  and gain new experience, new skills in over 2000 companies from various business areas.

80% of our Workers would recommend us as a professional agency and reliable employer.

Our success lies in a solid understanding of the market of different businesses, a deep knowledge of recruitment, employment and administration of foreigners in Denmark. Also, our huge database with candidates, our HR professionals in Lithuania, Poland and Romania,  as well as our systems and procedures supporting our business, has made us an important players, where we are today Denmark’s largest foreign labour supplier.

Our goal

To be preferred partner in Denmark for our temporally workers, our clients,  organizations, as well as internally for our team members in all countries.

We aim to be the most desirable recruitment company for our employees, providing the highest level of service, guaranteeing reliable jobs and salaries, legal employment and continuous care by representing their interests.

We aim our customers to perceive our organization as a credible and solid company that, through professionalism, industry knowledge, flexible workforce solutions as well as friendliness, can provide best employees for a given task at a competitive prise.

We aim to be the most loved place to work for our team members, ensuring their continuously grow,  individual care,  upholding family values and close cooperation throughout the organization.

Our mission

To match workers with a clients, contributing to the improvement of people’s quality of life and helping business to be competitive in their markets.

Our vision

To be the biggest, the most professional and leading employment company in Denmark.