Fragrantly asked questions

Where will I be employed: in my home country or Danish company?

We employ our employees in our company in Denmark. All workers get social security number and all taxes are paid according Danish rules and regulations. Employment documents are signed in our HR departments in Lithuania, Poland or Romania. All employment documents are provided in English-Lithuanian, English-Polish or English-Romanian languages so you can understand everything. Also our HR consultants answer all questions, explain the rules and give all the needed instructions.

How and when salaries are paid?

Usually the salary is paid per hour, but sometimes it can be paid per accords. The salary is paid once a month according reported time-sheets. All our employees who sign employment documents, get a schedule of salary payment and instructions how to fill time-sheets. Workers get their pay-slips in their e-mail address as soon as the salaries are calculated.

Whom to contact if something happens in Denmark?

For all the questions regarding job, salaries, taxes, holiday, sickness, issues regarding accommodation and etc., you can contact your HR consultant in Lithuania, Poland or Romania. During not working days or not working time in case of urgency you can call to our extra phone, which number you will get during the employment.

Is it possible to get a job for couple or a family?

Yes, we can offer jobs for couples and a family.

How the trip to Denmark is organized?

Workers travel to Denmark themselves. Some of them go by own cars, some of them go by minibuses. We can always recommend companies who provide transfer to Denmark services. The price is ~100-150 EUR for one way ticket.

How long does it take to get a job in Denmark?

It depends on what kind of job you would like to work and what is the season of the year. In spring, summer and autumn we always have more jobs to offer and you can get a job faster. When you register in our database you start to get information about job vacancies. If some job offer is interesting for you, you should call by phone, indicated in the job advertisement.

What documents are needed for the employment?

We offer job in Denmark for the EU citizens. For the employment the following documents are needed:

  • EU Passport or identification card;
  • Residence certificate (declaration of living address);
  • Bank account number for salary payment.
What is the accommodation in Denmark and price for it?

For our employees in Denmark we always try to offer not expensive accommodation not far away from the working place. It can be:

  • mobile houses;
  • summerhouses;
  • flats to share;
  • rooms.

The approximate price for rent is ~2000 DKK per month, including utility. We always give to our employees full information about accommodation conditions, what you need to bring with you and a price for it before signing the employment documents and leaving to Denmark.