The Job

Work in Denmark for workers in farms

Number of workers:


Job Period:

From 2024-07-01 until 2024-12-31

Job Description:

Work in Denmark for workers in farms. We offer short and long term jobs to different horse, pig, cow, chicken and other farms. Usually clients need 1 or 2 workers in a farm. Both experienced and in-experienced workers are of high demand. Possible jobs:

  • feeding;
  • cleaning;
  • moving;
  • giving medicine;
  • milking;
  • driving farm machinery;
  • taking care of animals.

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Work location:



Basic English is required. Any similar experience is a big advantage.

The Salary:

80-120 DKK/hour (~10,75-16,13 Eur) before taxes plus 12.5% of holiday money. Monthly salary is paid until the 10th of each month. There is a possibility to request for advance payment.


Will be specified for selected candidates. In most cases accommodation is on the farm and free. If we have to rent accommodation, expected price – 500 DKK/week/person (~67Eur) with inclusive utilities.

We offer:

* Completely free of charge employment services;

* Legal employment in Denmark and on-time paid salary;

* Accommodation options;

* Comprehensive assistance and consultations before leaving to Denmark and during the stay there.

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Work in Denmark for workers in farms

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