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Darbas užsienyje nemokant kalbos

Working abroad without knowing the local language – mission possible!

More and more of us are working abroad. Although it is often questioned whether it is worth going abroad to work without knowing the language of that country, we can safely say that working in a foreign country without knowing the language is possible!

As the number of foreign workers grows rapidly in some countries, the requirements for foreign languages ​​are declining. Of course, it is difficult to make a career abroad or get a high position job without knowing the local language, but many people go abroad for a short term to earn money and after they come back to their home country. If you decide to spend more time in the country, you can also learn the local language. We’ll continue to share information on how foreign languages ​​can help and when it’s not a necessity.


English is extremely useful

English can be spoken in many parts of the world and almost all of Europe. This is probably not hard to notice during the holidays, when traveling. Even if not all residents of other countries speak English, it is certainly not difficult to find a person, who will be able to communicate. When working abroad, English may be enough, and in some countries, it is spoken by a very large number of people. Denmark, for example, consistently ranks in the top 4 countries in the world for English competency and fluency. What is more – about 90 percent of Danish population can speak English. In most cases, it is not necessary to have impeccable English in order to receive an offer to work abroad, a solid foundation is enough. English is perfect for work in England, Ireland, where it is a major. English would be very useful in the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark or any Scandinavian country. It may be a little harder to find a job speaking only English in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, where the basics of German are very useful.


Working without knowing either local or English language

Many people who speak only their mother tongue are looking for work and, most importantly, can successfully find it. Most often, work without foreign languages ​​is available in those companies that have more employees from Lithuania. This can be factory work, warehousing/logistics or construction. Then fellow compatriots, who already know about work and rules, help the new person to join the team, train, provide all the necessary information. For those who do not speak a foreign language, seasonal work in the agricultural sector, greenhouses, etc., where working with a larger group of people, is ideal. You can then go to work alone or in a couple, together with friends or family members who know the language. This makes it easier to get a job and understand all the necessary instructions in the workplace.


Being fluent in the local language increases career opportunities

If you know the language of a particular country and want to go to work there, then your chances are very high. In such cases, not only is it easier to get a job, but it is also possible to achieve a career, which is especially true if you plan to associate your life with that country in the future. The better you know the language, the bigger opportunities open up. You will be valued in the labor market in the same way as locals or even more if you are extremely hardworking. Of course, in order to succeed in a career, it is important to keep in mind that not only your language skills but also your work experience will be valued. So, working abroad is really affordable for everyone. Of course, living and working abroad can be made much easier, at least by speaking English, but don’t despair if you don’t know it – a lot of jobs can be done without foreign languages.