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Why Denmark is an attractive place to work

Denmark is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe. Recently, there has been a great deal of interest in work in this particular country. While there is a great deal of choice, and countries such as Norway, England and Ireland have become classic choices, Denmark is also gradually showing its strengths in the field of work and attracting more and more people to choose a job in it.

Each country has its own pluses, which determine people’s decision where to go. This time we will give reasons why it is worth choosing a job in Denmark, which is called the happiest country.

A particularly great advantage that is noticeable in Denmark is that it offers a great variety of jobs. Denmark is not only famous for high technology, industry, design, but it is also an agricultural country. In many other countries, it can be observed that the jobs of a certain profession dominate and there is often no choice. For this reason, we are starting to look for better and better offers that would delight in our diversity and allow us to choose the kind of job that would suit and allow us to earn money. Work in Denmark can be in the capital as well as in other large cities or smaller towns. You can find offers to work in agriculture, trade, service, factories, factories, so even the most picky people will not be so hard to find the job you want for the season or longer.

Often, work in Denmark is offered together with accomodation if you apply to an employment company. They often take care of the needs of those who want to work, so you can enjoy a smoother start to work. Of course, it is always possible to find a place to live for yourself, but it is quite difficult to do, because you have to pay a few months in advance, the owners are not inclined to rent to foreigners. Recruitment agencies usually offer accommodation without upfront fees, making it so much easier.

It is also important to be sure, before you move to another country, that having both a job and a place of accomodation  provides security, which is very important both for first-time travelers to work abroad and for those who do so every year.

One of the bigger benefits that working in Denmark can offer is pay. Of course, it depends on how many hours a week are worked, what is the experience, what is the nature of the work, but comparing the salary with what you would get in home country for a similar job, there is a big difference. Salary abroad is the main reason why many people want to work abroad. This allows you to save money and live more comfortably.

Although Denmark is famous for high taxes, comparing how much taxes are paid by the employer and the employee in your home country, the difference is not large. It is very important that if you come to Denmark just to work and you are going to return to your country, you can get big tax allowences. Including possible tax benefits, the total amount of taxes payable in Denmark becomes significantly lower compared to taxes in your home country. As this is a very important thing, and the best way to get the maximum tax benefits in Denmark is to employ employment companies that specialize in employment in Denmark, it is worth contacting them. All the more so as it costs you nothing (employment services are free under current law).

Thus, Denmark not only has a variety of jobs, really great opportunities to earn money, but also provides good social guarantees, provides an opportunity to integrate into their culture and understand how they live and why they are the happiest country. Working and living in Denmark is a really rewarding and exciting experience and you will definitely succeed, the most important thing is to find out thoroughly about the job, all the conditions before you leave, and to be responsible and hardworking on arrival, because these are the key qualities that are valued by all employers.