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Keliavimo būdai į Daniją

What is the best way to get to Denmark?

If you have already planned to try your hand at work in another country – that is great! One of the most frequently chosen countries for work is Denmark, which is often called the happiest country in the world. Once you have signed an employment contract with an employment agency and reviewed all the other information you need to work abroad, you should also keep in mind the trip. You will find possible travel options to Denmark down below.


Traveling by minibus

Probably the most popular choice to go abroad is by minibus. The main advantage is Door to Door service — the driver will meet you at the agreed place at your home country and take you to the desired destination, right up to the door. This is a great choice for people who do not have much travel experience or who do not speak a foreign language very well – there is no need to plan alternative travel methods, check train or bus schedules. This is also convenient when the workplace in Denmark is located in a more rural area where there are not many public transportation options. Another advantage is larger and cheaper luggage than you could take when flying. In this case, people can pick up more necessary items and non-perishable food, thus significantly reducing the cost of expenses. Of course, it should be noted that a minibus trip to Denmark by land can take about 20 hours, so it is necessary to prepare for it. On the other hand, you can enjoy not having to drive yourself and just enjoy the great views of the countries through the window.


Traveling by plane

The fastest way to get to a foreign country is to fly. For example, a direct flight from Vilnius to Billund takes an hour, and from Kaunas to Copenhagen – about an hour and a half. So you are not getting so tired after the trip. Another great thing is the price. In most cases, plane tickets are not very expensive, they usually start at 50 euros, and during the off-season, you can sometimes find extremely cheap offers to fly to Denmark. Of course, if you want to pick up more items, you will have to pay extra for luggage. When choosing a trip by plane, also do not forget to plan how you will travel from the airport to the place of staying: by taxi, bus or train.


Traveling by car

When traveling abroad with your own car, you can feel more independent and perhaps plan a small trip. If you have some extra time, it is possible to make small stops in Poland, Germany and visit the most beautiful and popular places in these countries which will be on the way. Even this kind of traveling can make you tired of constantly sitting or driving, you can decide for yourself when to stop and how to plan your time to make the whole trip run smoothly. And to minimize driving time, you can always choose to take a ferry to Germany or Sweden. Having a car in Denmark can also be useful for shopping or traveling around the area on days off. However, keep in mind that most Scandinavian roads are tolled, and driving requires extreme caution, as penalties and repair costs can be quite high. It is also important if you plan to stay in Denmark for more than 185 days and drive a car registered in your country, you must obtain a permit. It is issued by the Danish Tax Inspectorate SKAT upon request. Apply for a permit on time – without it, you run the risk of a large fine.


It is your choice how to go abroad. All options have some advantages and some disadvantages, so you need to choose what seems the most convenient to you. Planes are the fastest way to get abroad, with minibusses you could avoid the hassle of planning a trip, and your own car, of course, gives you more independence from others. So, evaluate your priorities properly and choose the best option which works for you.