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Tips for preparing for a job interview

A job interview is very important for both: the employer and the employee because it‘s purpose is to find out if the job is suitable for the employee and whether the employee is suitable for the job. A job interview can be arranged by the employer offering the job or by the employment company whose services the employer uses. If a job is offered abroad, the job interview can be arranged by phone or via chat platforms (Skype, Zoom, etc.). Very often, when looking for a qualified employee, a client of a recruitment agency for whom the agency selects people wants to talk to the selected candidate.

Whether your dream is to work abroad or in home country, or the selection is made by an employer or an agency, you need to be able to perform well in a job interview in order to be considered a suitable candidate.

To make it easier to get a job, you need to make a good impression, emphasize your strengths, show an interest in the job and the specifics of the job. We’ll give you some tips to help you feel more secure during a job interview.

1.It is probably well known that people start to form opinions about each other as soon as they see each other. So if the conversation is live or through video chat platforms, it’s important to remember to look neat. Clothing does not have to be strictly business-like (suit), but it does not have to be sporty or sexy. It is very important that the clothes are tidy. Women should avoid deep necklaces, extra short dresses or skirts. Taking care of hygiene, of course, is also very important. Well, and of course, the delay to the interview won’t really make a better impression.

2.If you have received an invitation to a job interview, take an interest in the job and prepare questions for the company you are applying for. This will not only help you be better prepared for the interview, but will also make a good impression on the employer.

3.If the recruitment is made by an employment agency, it is possible that the selection will take place in several stages and the first interview will be with the agency, and if you pass this stage, then the second interview will take place directly with the employer. During the interview at the employment agency, be sure to ask the agency what job is offered in the company, what are the responsibilities, find out as much as possible about the job  and that the employer expects. Receiving this information will make it easier for you to prepare for an interview with your direct employer.

4.If you have already participated in a job interview more than once, you have probably noticed that very similar questions are often asked. It asks about experience in previously worked companies, it talks about advantages, abilities, so it is possible to prepare precise, more detailed answers a little in advance. Also keep in mind when speaking to maintain eye contact, be short and cler, do not expand too much.

5.During a job interview, it’s not just the employer that should check if you’re a suitable candidate. You should also try to find out enough information to help you decide if the job is really right for you or if the conditions are favorable. For this reason, don’t forget to ask anything that interests or could have a bearing on self-determination. Typically, employers really answer all the questions asked and are happy when an candidate is interested. Even if you contacting an employment agency when you are interested in working abroad, the agencies are ready to answer all your questions about the job and the company offering it, so feel free to ask.

6.At the end of the interview, if it has not been mentioned, it is worth checking whether there will be further selection stages and their course. This will make it easier and better to prepare for the next conversation or perhaps a task.

Making a good impression is not that difficult, the most important thing is to be more confident and take advantage of tips to help you prepare for the interview before it happens. This way you will be more confident and the conversations will no longer seem so complicated.