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The benefits of working abroad that dispel fears and doubts

When thinking about working abroad, one may also face doubts. These doubts may result in a decision not go after all. Naturally, the uncertainty in preparing to go to an unfamiliar country can lead to various fears. However, some offers from employment agencies are so attractive, that they discard all doubts. 

The fear of not being able to communicate to colleagues and managers at the workplace is most often encountered, and sometimes the idea of ​​being alone in a strange country for a long time is frightening. In any case, there are great solutions for this, the advantages of which will allow you to enjoy a great experience abroad!

You can choose jobs that do not require language skills

For those who think that it is impossible to earn money abroad without knowing the local or English language – good news! Those who do not know foreign language can also apply for certain job offers. When you apply to an employment agency, you can get many such offers. So it is possible to go abroad to earn money with confidence and without fear that the language barrier will become a problem.

You can go and work with a relative/friend or in groups

Working abroad for the first time can be discouraging. Some people have doubts that in case of an unexpected situation, they will not be able to get help. For some people it seems that there will be no one to talk to and so on. While it is always possible to turn to a recruitment agency that you are working for in times of trouble, the opportunity to share your work experience abroad with a relative, close friend or other party can sometimes inspire determination. Often more than one employee is looking for the same job.

You can ask if there are other workers of the same nationality in your chosen work place

For those who do not speak a foreign language and do not have the opportunity to take a relative or a friend with you abroad, you can always contact an employment agency to find out whether there will be co-workers of the same nationality in the planned workplace. People from the same country who speak a foreign language will help you to adapt to a new job and, if necessary, share important information. In this case, you will also always have someone to communicate with!

You can choose a short-term job

For those considering that many months in a foreign country may be too long, it is always possible to go for a short-term job. Sometimes clients need extra workers for just two months during the Christmas period. Also, during the summer, seasonal work abroad is especially popular with many offers in agriculture. Short-term jobs can be a great way to see if this way of earning money is right for you.

Why is it worth choosing a job abroad?

Working abroad can be beneficial not only because of the opportunity to save extra money. Often people are also motivated by benefits such as:

• International experience. Regardless of the field of work, many employers accept international experience as an advantage. Working abroad develops responsibility and diligence – these are great qualities that help in job search;

• Intercultural communication. Noticing how other cultures live, getting to know the people and traditions of another country is a great way to broaden your perspective and satisfy curiosity. Working abroad can help you make friends, make useful connections in the future and, of course, improve your foreign language skills;

• Living in an unfamiliar foreign country, adapting to a new environment develops flexibility and independence, and in the face of challenges allows you to learn to look at situations more creatively.

References from our workers

Irina K. (field of work – camping cleaning, 2019): I went to work to Denmark, knowing only the basics of English. It is much easier for me to understand what others are talking about than to speak myself, but when I was working in the campsites I didn’t talk much and I didn’t need to, I really had enough basics. I came back from Denmark knowing Danish terms, so I think those who stay longer to work really have the opportunity to practice foreign languages. I was satisfied with the job itself – like many, I went abroad to earn money, and I did. I am glad that everything can be organized very quickly through recruitment agencies.

Julija S. (field of work – work in a greenhouse, 2019): I worked in a greenhouse – I did packing and planting. I went abroad to work with my husband, and when I arrived, we got to know other Lithuanians – some of them had been working there for more than a year. There is no need for language in this field of work, in fact, we did not know much, and other Lithuanians showed what was needed at work. We worked for about 3 months; in our free time we traveled a bit in Denmark. We really enjoyed the country and the people themselves are really friendly, so we are considering coming back next year.