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Why it is worth to choose a job abroad through temporary employment agencies?

Are you considering working abroad, but don’t know whether to start self-employment or rely on a reputable recruitment agency? It’s probably not hard to see that finding a job on your own in a foreign country can be a real challenge and take a long time, especially if you don’t have any connections or contacts. Recruitment agencies with many years of experience can provide job offers much faster, depending on your needs, and prepare all needed documents.

Let’s start by discussing what a temporary employment agency is. The main activity of temporary employment companies is the search for employees and their “rent” to employers who are short of labor. Temporary employment agencies employ employees selected in accordance with the requirements of the client and are the direct employer of the employees, who pays the wages and prepares all the employment documents. So you are employed by a temporary employment company that sends you to do work for another company. Upon completion of work at that company, the temporary employment agency may offer you another job that suits you.


If you are unsure whether you should apply to a temporary employment agency or look for a job yourself – in the article you will find reasons to help you decide:


  1. When choosing the services of a temporary employment agency, attention is paid to your expectations. When looking for a job on your own, you often have to take what you are able to find, because very often there is no response from the desired companies or employment agencies in another country. Choosing an intermediary company it will always be ensured, that you have the opportunity to express your needs, so you do not have to choose what you do not want – recruitment agencies help you find the best solutions.


  1. Recruitment agencies provide more choices, so it is possible to compare several job offers, conditions offered, salary, accommodation, and so on. This makes it much easier to find a job that suits you and you don’t have to spend a lot of your time looking for a job yourself.


  1. A temporary employment agency may offer work abroad while you are still in your home country. So when you go to work abroad, you will already have a job and you will be able to find out all about it before making a decision to leave.


  1. Temporary employment agencies provide you all the necessary documents to enable you to start work legally when you go abroad. With regard to employment documents, the following documents should be mentioned:
  • First of all, it’s an employment contract. The temporary employment agency provides the contract in a language you understand. It is very important that the employment contract is submitted to you before you leave so that you can not only get acquainted with the working conditions in detail, ask all the questions, but also have a written document confirming your working conditions.
  • Documents to the tax authority. The temporary employment agency fills in and submits the necessary forms to the tax authorities of the country where you will work in order to obtain a social security number and be an officially registered taxpayer. Temporary employment agencies are usually professionals in employment tax matters and can ensure better than anyone that employees receive maximum tax benefits.
  • Health Insurance. In some countries, when an employee is registered as an official taxpayer and starts working, health insurance also takes effect. In this case, according to the taxpayer number, the medical institutions see that the person is insured and does not need anything extra. In some places, special health cards are issued to confirm that you are insured. In this case, the temporary employment agency fills in the necessary forms to obtain a health card or informs the employee how to do it.


  1. Temporary employment agencies often take care of accommodation when organizing work abroad. Renting a home in a foreign country is often difficult because landlords do not want to rent to foreigners or ask for a deposit for several months to come. Also, in Denmark housing is often unfurnished and tenants have to repaint the walls when they leave. Failure to do so will result to the tenant not being refunded the advance payment or an additional bill for repainting and cleaning the home. A temporary employment agency can provide accommodation with affordable price, pay an advance, and deduct rent from salary, so you don’t have to have a lot of money to rent housing right away. The agency can also take care of missing furniture, internet and all other accommodation-related issues.


  1. When traveling to an unfamiliar country often, it is difficult to plan a trip, so the temporary employment agency will definitely share tips on how to make it easier, recommend travel methods, reliable companies, arrange for you that you are met on arrival. Sometimes temporary work agencies themselves collect groups of workers and organize trip abroad.


  1. There are cases when an employee gets a job, works and does not receive a salary because the employer becomes insolvent or simply cheats. Temporary employment agencies work with reputable companies, check their solvency, and are responsible for paying the salary themselves. Baltic Workforce insures all its clients and in case that the client becomes insolvent, the agency in any case undertakes to pay a salary for all hours worked.


  1. Throughout your work abroad, the temporary employment agency keeps in touch with your, answers your questions, helps you communicate in the workplace, solves various problems and advises on various issues related to working and living in another country. It is very important and useful that the temporary employment company’s staff consultants work in different countries and can answer all the questions in a language you understand, and in case of any problems in the workplace can help you solve them.


Going abroad is a big change, especially if you’re doing it for the first time, and you can always rely on an agency to make it easier to adjust. Having someone you can contact, it will not be so unpleasant or scary in an unfamiliar environment. So, working abroad is a really good idea to make money, but self-seeking job can be very frustrating and not as smooth as you expected. If you want to enjoy great job offers without spending a lot of your time, a secure job, legal employment and a guaranteed salary, it is better to choose temporary employment agencies that specialize in this field and that will fully assist you in working abroad.