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Reasons why it is worth to choose short – term job abroad

Since Lithuania joined the European Union in 2004, and the Schengen area in 2007, Lithuanian citizens have acquired the right to move freely between EU countries. After that short-term jobs abroad gets great attention  every year. The reasons why this topic remains so popular and widely discussed are understandable: it is a great opportunity to make money in a short period time, take advantage of unused accumulated or summer vacation, get to know another culture, meet new people, explore and get to know different areas, change the environment and learn foreign language. Interestingly, today you don’t have to spend a whole year or two to go abroad to work – you can easily find a short-term job abroad in a few days. Long-term job is usually very binding and tied to the place, so there are many positive reasons for choosing short-term job abroad.

Why work abroad?

  • Short-term job – a great opportunity to make money in a short time. In countries like Denmark, the salary is much higher, so you can earn and save more money in a short time. It is worth noting that usually you do not need long trainings or long search for accommodation to start a short-term job abroad. As soon as you arrive you settle in and you can start to work a paid job;
  • Short-term job is a great way to take advantage of academic, summer vacations for students. It’s no secret that there are cases when you want a break in the middle of the studies. Sometimes you want to change your field of study, sometimes you question whether you want to study at all. There are times when vacation is taken to find yourself, work different job and better understand what you want in life.

Why work on academic leave?

  1. Typically, such academic leave can last up to a year, and summer leave up to 3 months, so 2-3 months can be spent on short-term work abroad, during which there is a possibility not only to earn, but also to get to know yourself better;
  2. Some students drop out of school due to lack of money – it is not always easy to combine both studies and work. Also, not all the students get the funding for their studies. Thus, in such a case, students can spend the free time from learning earning money for the future;
  3. It can be an opportunity to discover studying abroad, especially if it has been thought about before. Even if studies abroad have already been chosen, it is possible to work at least briefly in the country where the studies are planned before starting them. In this way you will get to know the country, its language and culture better.

What other benefits does short-term work have?

  • Short-term job is also a great way to take advantage of the accumulated annual holiday in your country if you are a teacher, cultural, seasonal construction, service sector or freelancer, etc.
  • Very often people choose short-term job for 1-5 months in order to have a possibility to return home, stay a little and come back to work abroad again;
  • Short-term jobs are usually seasonal jobs where larger teams of people are needed, so it is also possible to get a job without learning a foreign language, as groups are formed with several group leaders who ensure smooth work and translations.
  • Another advantage of short-term seasonal work is that it does not require special qualifications, so you can go to work with your friends or relatives.
  • Short-term jobs are a great opportunity to try and get to know yourself in different job sectors: agriculture, factories, the service sector, working with animals. Despite all the experience gained while working abroad, perhaps the biggest benefit is that a person who has worked abroad knows themselves better. People are beginning to better understand what they really want out of life, what their aspirations and goals are.
  • Possibility to change the environment. Sometimes the routine feels very uncomfortably and you need a new place to distract in order to get new ideas and experiences. Staying in the same place can make it harder to find a goal, to find inspiration to make dreams come true. Thus, changing the environment can be the most beneficial.
  • And the short time spent abroad proves that everyone has the ability to adapt to a different environment and culture. Moreover, it usually requires more courage, responsibility, and the ability to work with other people. Working abroad provides an opportunity to broaden your worldview, gain new, comprehensive experience and get to know a new country.