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Search for job on Denmark: what to expect?

Working in Denmark is one of the most common choices for those who want to earn money. This country attracts not only those who are considering seasonal work during the summer, but also those who want to stay here much longer. Some workers in Denmark realise that they want to build their future here. This can be influenced by the many advantages of this country. After all, some call this country the happiest in the world!

Stable government, low levels of corruption, high quality education and health care – these are all undeniable advantages that attract emigrants from other countries. For those who just want to work for a certain period, Denmark is a good choice because it allows you to earn money and the job sectors are quite diverse. So everyone can find the most attractive job offer for themselves. Recruitment agencies always make sure you have several options so you can find a job abroad even faster. Thus, what short-term and long-term jobs can you find in Denmark?

The construction sector

The construction sector is quite popular in many countries. There is a constant lack of skilled professionals in this field as the construction sector never sleeps. In general, the demand for construction professionals is always quite high regardless of the economic situation in the country. The need for these specialists is not expected to decrease in the near future and salaries will only increase. If you have experience in the construction sector it is possible to find a well-paid job in Denmark as well. Professionals who are able to perform masonry work, who work with metal processing, cutting, insulation of facades or work in other areas of construction are of high demand. Of course, to get such a job, you usually need to have experience and be able to speak English.


Denmark is an agricultural country so there are many farmers and agricultural enterprises who do business in forestry, crop production, gorw various plants, fruits and vegetables. Work in agriculture often does not require work experience and employees are trained on the spot what and how to do. This sector is particularly attractive to workers looking for seasonal work. Usually, work in agriculture requires a lot of people, so you can go with your friends, acquaintances or relatives. And it’s also a great place to work for those who don’t speak the language as you’ll not be alone and colleagues will help you to communicate.

Animal farms

Deanmark is famous for its animal farms. There are many livestock farms: cows, pigs, minks, horses, etc. If you would like to choose a job on a farm, in many cases you will be required to have similar experience and proficiency in English. This is because farms in Denmark are modern and usually the whole farm is supervised by the farmer himself and one other worker (farmers often hire only one worker). In order to communicate with each other, the worker needs to be able to speak English. Sometimes working on farms also requires a driver’s license. Working on farms is attractive due to the fact that the worker is close to the farmer’s family and usually lives in or near the farmer’s house. This is a great opportunity to get to know Danish culture up close and make friends. It should be noted that farms are located in small towns or villages away from supermarkets and various entertainment. Despite the fact that most employees see this remoteness as an advantage (there are no temptations to spend money and more savings can be made), choosing a job in this sector you should always evaluate whether it is acceptable for you.

The service sector

The service sector is well developed in many countries so finding a job in it is really easy. Waiters, hotel, laundry and warehouse workers, bakers and other similar type of workers are constantly in need. Both short-term and long-term jobs can be found in this area. For example, during the summer there is often a shortage of waiters in restaurants and cafes; during the winter companies need additional people for packing Christmas presents and similar jobs. There are many possibilities for chefs, bakers, warehouse workers and truck drivers. Camping sites and small hotels are very popular in Denmark. So you can find work for housekeepers and cleaners there. Of course, English is almost always required in the service sector to be able to easily communicate with managers, colleagues or clients; but experience is not always required.

You can really find a lot of job offers in Denmark, whether you are interested in seasonal work during the summer holidays or dream of a career and life in this country. You can find various jobs abroad. The most important thing to consider is whether you always meet the requirements noted in the job offer. If you can’t find the right offer you can always contact recruitment agencies who will try to find the right job for you.