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Ms Claudia story

Ms Claudia story

How long have you been in Denmark? Do you remember your first job?

I’ve been working in Denmark since 2021. I remember my first job was as an agriculture worker – strawberry picker.


How long have you been working with Baltic Workforce? Where did you find about us?

Baltic Workforce Romania & Moldova was recommended by a friend of mine in 2021 and at the same year I went for the first time in Denmark.


What jobs did you get in our company ?

I first worked in agriculture as a strawberry picker in 2021, then I went for a housekeeping position in a hotel in 2022 and this year I am working again in a camping.


Tell as a funny story about your life in Denmark?

I have loads of nice memories and funny stories and I made many friends during this period.


What advice do you give to those who wants to come to work in Denmark? How different is the Danish culture?

My advice for other people is to be correct, exactly like Danish people are. We have loads to learn from Danish people, starting with smiling and being kind with each other.