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Ms Aneta's story

Ms Aneta’s story

When I first time came to Denmark I had one thought in my head that I coming here only for seasonal work, for a while. I have family in Poland so I didn’t think could stay anywhere longer than 2 -3 months. It was my first time abroad to work and the choice of Denmark was completely random. I was looking for an opportunity to earn extra money for my home budget during the summer. I came to the conclusion that going abroad at this time will be the easiest way to earn money quickly without having to give up my current professional commitments. I came to Denmark in June 2022. Cooperation with Baltic Workforce started at the end of June 2022. I found an advertisement for an agency on some website, but this job add seem attracted to me so much that I decided to take a risk and send my application. I was surprised how quickly someone from the agency contacted me to discuss the details of the offer.


The agency arranged for me work on cleaning offices in Aarhus. I had experience in this type of work before, so I decided to give it a try and that’s why I sent my application. Upon arrival, I was introduced to my duties. I received a company car for commuting to work and a great employer who from the very beginning made sure that I had everything I needed and make me feel comfortable. One of the first memories which I can recall is that my Danish employer said he was working too fast.  He appreciated it very much, but he says that nothing will happen if I work a little bit slower and calmer :-D.


What I would say to someone who will came for first time to Denmark?

Not to be afraid. Trust to your intuition. Danes are open and positive people. They are specified sometimes in their behavior but who is not. It is obvious that the beginnings of working abroad can be difficult, but you cannot be discouraged. If you work hard and put in the effort, it will be noticed. I made it ! From the very beginning I had support of Małgorzata HR Consultant. She tried to help me in everything as best as she could. I also found a great employer with whom I still working. We have a very good, friendly relation.