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Ms. Ion Guzu story

Ms. Ion Guzu story

How long have you been in Denmark? Do you remember your first job

I have been in Denmark for 4 years, everything started with picking blueberries and then other responsibilities followed. I don’t regret at all the decision I made when I quit my job in Romania to go to a nordic country.


How long have you been working with Baltic Workforce? Where did you find about us?

It all started with Baltic Workforce, 4 years ago and I’m glad that I’m still working with you. I have a guaranteed salary; I always have help with any question that arises. If I somehow need some documents, you as a company have always helped me, and for this reason, I will work with you as much as God wants.


What jobs did you get in our company ?

Within the Baltic Workforce company, I started as a blueberry picker and then advanced to the position of team leader. In the winter I go to cut Christmas trees, I’m a kind of Santa’s helper 😊 Regardless of what job I had, every time I pushed myself to do the best I could, I tried to get involved and not disappoint. I like to work and to be able to offer a better life to my family – Baltic Workforce offered me this!


Tell as a pleasant story about your life in Denmark?

There are always happy situations, many…every day 😊 Last summer I had the opportunity to take children with me in Denmark, they went to work with me almost every day and often asked me to let them help me. We all picked blueberries, packed them, and drove the tractor together…we were a big family.


What advice do you give to those who want to come to work in Denmark? How different is Danish culture?

I always tell those who ask me – it’s very good, come and be serious in what you do, and you won’t regret it. Call Baltic Workforce with confidence, they are exactly the agency we all need at the beginning of our journey in Denmark.

Danes are respectful, warm, kind, and very calm. They love families and always try to help you.