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Ms. Gintautas story

Ms. Gintautas story

My first experience in Denmark was in 2021, when I left my job in Lithuania and wanted to try something abroad. While looking for various jobs online, I came across Baltic Workforce. Their website was very clear, understandable and informative, which showed that the company is reliable. I registered online for a job and I got a call from a consultant with a very detailed description of the job I was interested in.


November, 2021 I left for Denmark to work in a warehouse as an order-picker. It was a short job, but it was enough to understand that I did not make a mistake in choosing Denmark and in choosing Baltic Workforce as my employer. While working and living in Denmark I always had consultant Jolanta to support me in any issues or challenges. I loved the job – friendly co-workers, everyone helps each other, the management in the warehouse were also great.


I had a chance to come back to the same warehouse in 2022 and I took it, feeling like home because I was already familiar with everything and it was great. I lived in a very nice town Roskilde, next to a yacht dock full of smaller and bigger boats and next to a Viking museum.


I consider Danes to be very active people, they ride bikes, jog, spend quality time with their families. If you stop them and ask for directions, they will always gladly guide you and show you things. I think they are very patriotic; their yards are full of national flags. I saw once when people were celebrating a birthday in the park, they put a small Danish flag in the middle of the table. This was amazing to see, there are things we can learn from them.


I really recommend trying to work abroad, especially Denmark. Because it is a very interesting, beautiful, and liberal country. There are always good opportunities for a person who is kind and hard-working, it is easy to get established there. I think choosing Baltic Workforce as your first company in Denmark is a great idea, because they take care of their workers, deal with all needed paperwork, so that you feel safe and legally secure.