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Dawid story

Dawid story

Every year, we employ over 1000 individual workers. You might think, it is hard to remember a single person in this big pool of people. Absolutely wrong.

Despite the big total number, we still employ a single indivudual every single time. And we remember everyone, every single one of our workers. We remember their character, their mood, their good and bad days. We always try to have a relationship with a person, so we can trust them and they can trust us for anything, while in Denmark.

Meet Dawid, one of our great workers. We asked Dawid to share how his story with Baltic Workforce started and he kindly agreed to share his story with you.

Dawid is 30 and he moved from Poland to UK when he was 16. He was studying in a local college and moved to London afterwars. He was working in a insurance company as a customer service assitant. And then he moved to Denmark for only 1 month to help his friend in a construction project. And then he fel in love with Denmark and stayed😊


1. How long have you been in DK already, do you remember your first job?

I  never expected I am going to stay in DK for longer than a month. I came here to help my friend with a construction project. During the time I was here, I saw all the difference between UK and DK and first time since a loooong time I felt like this is my place. And I decided that I am not coming back to the UK. So, this is how I moved to DK in January 2021. I first lived in Odense. My first job was a construction project in a new building hospital in Odense. I was a wall painter.


2. When did you start working with Baltic Workforce and how did you find out about our agency?

I started working for Baltic Workforce in November 2021 in a warehouse and I found it by accident, actually. I was not satisfied about my job I had at that time and I was looking for something else. I found it on some website. I can’t even remember which one. But I made a call and, basically, a week later I was in Copenhagen working for you.


3. What jobs did/do you work with us?

I did a warehouse job for you and it was 4 months of very good work. Now, I work for your company in a biotechnology lab. I love it, actually.


4. Can you share with us any funny story from your life or work in Denmark (if you remember)?

Usually, most of the funny situations happen when people come up to me to ask if I am from South of Europe – Spain or Turkey.


5. Would you give any advice to people what they have to know when they come to work to Denmark, what are the main differences in culture or the way people think here?

Like everywhere beginnings are hard but Denmark is the country where everything is up to you. So my advice for people is to be patient at the beginning and do your job the best you can and this will be appreciated. The main difference in Denmark is people. People here are wholesome and no matter where you come from, they are very kind to you and treat you with a respect.