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Bianca's story

Bianca’s story

How long have you been in Denmark? Do you remember your first job?

For the first time we both came to Denmark 3 years ago, together with Bianca’s family. It was a seasonal contract, for picking blueberries, and because it was a nice experience, we came back next year too.  We lived in Olgood, in a big house with a garden overlooking the forest, the fresh air was perfect for relaxing after work.

How long have you been working with Baltic Workforce? Where did you find about us?

In Denmark, I worked only with Baltic Workforce, the experience was so good that I did not feel the need to try other agencies. I started working with you in June 2020, and I have continued ever since. About Baltic, I found out from relatives where I got the contact number too, and after a few days I went to Denmark for work.

What jobs did you get in our company ?

As I said before, the first time we worked as blueberry pickers, and at the moment we are working as a housekeepers in a hotel and we like it a lot. The work is not very hard, the shifts are different, and we also have understanding bosses, who are working next to us.

Tell as a funny story about your life in Denmark?

Funny stories are always depending on how you look at the things. The best moments where in the fields picking berries, we did different pranks between colleagues, we told jokes, we sang….it was very interesting.

What advice do you give to those who wants to come to work in Denmark? How different is the Danish culture?

Our advice is to be patient and calm, it is always harder at the beginning, but this country offers you possibilities that you will not find anywhere else, so patience and calm can take you everywhere you want.

The Danes are respectful, warm, kind and very calm. We have a lot to learn from Danish culture as a nation.