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5 most wanted summer jobs abroad that are preferred by students

Students are also increasingly traveling abroad to work temporarily. The most attractive option for young people who are still studying is to work during the summer. Job offers that do not require professional experience or academic knowledge are usually particularly valued in such cases, and the duration of work is limited to the summer holiday period.

Seasonal work abroad can be various, from picking strawberries to cleaning; so different people can find the right area to discover their strengths. In this article we will share with you job offers that are often chosen by students seeking to seize the opportunity to work abroad.

1. Cleaning jobs

One of the most frequently chosen jobs for young people abroad is cleaning. Such work abroad does not require special knowledge and often, in order to apply for this position you do not need an excellent knowledge of a foreign language – it is enough to have at least a basic knowledge of English. Premises maintenance work usually includes cleaning kitchens, showers, toilets, vacuuming rooms, wiping various surfaces and other small jobs. Wages in this sector are usually calculated on an hourly rate and range from € 10 to € 12, depending on the nature of the work.

2. Work in agriculture

Another popular option is seasonal work in agriculture. During the summer, there is an increased demand for additional workers who could weed, pick strawberries, blueberries, peas, harvest lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, perform packing and other auxiliary tasks on the farm. Basic English language is also sufficient for this position – there are usually no additional requirements, so even young people with no work experience can successfully apply for similar positions. In Denmark, such work is usually not paid per hour, but for the amount done. You can earn between 1300-2000 euros after taxes per month.

3. Work in greenhouses

People who do not have a knowledge of any foreign language can choose greenhouses. Usually a big team of the same nationality people work in a greenhouse so it is possible to feel comfortable surrounded by people who speak the same language. However, one of the requirements for this work is physical endurance, because the work is intensive, sometimes it is necessary to perform loading tasks. The nature of such work includes: seedling care, plowing, flowering, pruning, plant transplantation, sorting, packing, etc. During intensive periods, working in a greenhouse can also be a 6-day work week – this allows you to save more money if you want to earn more during the summer. In Denmark, you can earn on average ~ 11 Eur per hour in this area.

4. Work in factories

During the summer, students can get a job abroad in factories. Often these are jobs on production lines where you need to stand by the line and perform some operation. Factories can range from food packing to metal sorting and so on. In factories, wages are highly dependent on the nature of work, but simple unskilled work prices between € 10 and € 12 per hour.

5. Work in car washing stations

As everywhere in Denmark, the number of short-term jobs in the car wash stations increase during the summer season. Often this job is perfect for those who have the opportunity to work abroad for more than 2 or 3 months. Such jobs as car interior cleaning, window cleaning or vacuuming do not require experience, but those who want to earn a little more benefit from the experience of car polishing. Also, working in a car wash often requires knowledge of spoken English, and a category B driving license is an advantage. You can earn ~ 12 Eur per hour by doing washing work, and ~ 14 Eur per hour for those with experience in polishing.

If you’re looking for a meaningful way to spend your summer holidays, working abroad can be one of the best solutions! The key is to choose a reliable recruitment agency and find the right job offer for yourself.