The Job

We offering jobs in pig,cows,mink farms.

Number of workers:


Job Period:

From As soon as possible until Unlimited

Job Description:

Feeding , moving ,washing and taking care of animals ,cleaning stables and farm.Skinning a fur from minks .Sometimes can be some small buildings jobs in farm.

Work location:

900, København C


Usually only one worker is needed in a farm ,therefore candidates should be able to speak English and be ready to work alone.It is possible to get a job in farm without any experience as our client are ready to teach. Experience is needed in cases there job description includes castration,vaccination and similar.

The Salary:

About 80 – 90 DKK brutto/hour + 12.5% bani de vacanta.


Usually it is a room at client in farm .Price ~ 2000 DKK per month.

Working in this field offers you the opportunities to get new experience, to earn money and to get to know local culture living close to Danish family.


Legal Employment   I  Social guarantees   I   Salary on time  I  Free consultations and full support 

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Should you have questions about job offer or would like more information, please kindly contact us during working days from 9:00 until 17:00

Project Coordinator Adriana Agafon

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