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Ugnės istorija

Ugne’s story

I came to Denmark May 2022 and I spent 4 and a half months here. I came to work to a camping place next to the sea surrounded by beautiful nature. I was responsible for maintenance of rooms and common areas.


I worked with an agency for the first time. I did my research on different job offers and agencies and I chose Baltic Workforce. I immediately got a quick, polite and informative feedback to all of my questions from a consultant Indre. This first encounter and the following communication helped me get rid of any fears and doubts about working for an agency, because I had previously read many horrible stories about how agencies fool people and treat them rudely. During the whole employment and work period I always received very professional help in regards to all possible matters – employment documents, getting ready for my trip, arriving at the workplace, tax system, health card, time sheet filling and etc. It was very clear to me what my is job, where I am going and where I will be accommodated. I was also very secure in knowing that I can contact Indre any time and get Indre’s emails inquiring how is life and work in Denmark for me. I really was surprised by how professional and caring Indre and all other agency’s consultants were to me and how smooth everything went.


I had some really funny situations while working in this camping place. Most of them were caused by camping clients. There were so many different people staying at this place, because Danes really enjoy camping places, and it was amazing how they tried to communicate with me in Danish or what their reactions to me were, when they saw I cannot talk Danish. And I always had a good laugh from different tricks the kids were creating from toilet paper, making different “installations” from it.


The nature of Southern region of Denmark really looks similar to Lithuania, that’s why I really felt like home. I really appreciated how polite and warm Danes are. Danes are smiling, polite, generous, it is very common and natural for them to come to a person, say hello or thank you for the help. They try to show their appreciation with small surprises – ice cream, cake or a can of juice, when they see you are working on a hot day of summer. Very often the owner of the camping or the customers would thank me for good work. Even though the owners of the camping were really strict about the quality of work, they always treated me as family. We really had to hold back tears when we were saying goodbye at the end of the season, because we sincerely developed strong relationships.


All in all, there are so many opportunities in Denmark. You can really choose what you want to do and the pay is generally really good. But of course, like always, you have to work hard, be honest and provide quality work.


I strongly recommend Denmark and Baltic Workforce for those people who really want to get some positive experience in a foreign country and earn/save some money.