The Job

We are looking for 1 person to work in the boat's kitchen.

Number of workers:


Job Period:

From 2020-08-01 until 2020-12-31

Job Description:

Food preparation for ship’s guests and crew, assisting on the deck with lighter deck work. Client owns a fishing boat, where tourist can rent it for a day to go out and fish in the sea. Most of the job will consist of cooking onboard: 3 meals a day (dishes like schnitzels, sandwiches, potatoes and beef patties). 50-60 hours per week guaranteed. 

Work location:

9900, Frederikshavn


Minimum level of German Language.

The Salary:

From 100 DKK (~ 13,43 Eur ); per hour before taxes, plus 12,5% holiday money. The salary is paid once a month until  10th day of every month, to the bank account that you specify. Also, an advance payment is available.


Free of charge, private room on the boat.


  • Guaranteed and legal employment;
  • Fully equipped accommodation;
  • Motivating and timely paid salary;
  • Comprehensive assistance before and during your stay abroad;
  • Assistance with all necessary documentation, also completing your annual tax return.

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