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(Berries, plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables)

Denmark is an agricultural country. Usually no special qualifications are required for seasonal jobs such as picking, packing berries, fruits and vegetables, weeding fields, removing stones, driving tractor in agriculture.

Usually groups of people are needed in agricultural sector; therefore, it is good opportunity to get a job if you do not speak English and possibility to work with your friends or relatives.




(Plants, flowers, vegetables, mushrooms)

In Denmark there is also popular to work in greenhouses. Usually it is work for non-qualified personnel.  

In this sector you can do jobs such as sticking, planting, potting, packing plants and flowers; picking, sorting, packing and loading vegetables and mushrooms.

We can offer jobs in greenhouses in Spring, Summer and Autumn seasons. Most of orders are for groups of people (2 and more). Also couples are welcome. Knowledge of English on a communicative level will be an advantage.


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(Pig, cow, mink, fish, chicken, horse)

There are many different farms in Denmark. Usually we offer long-term jobs in farms such as feeding, moving, washing, taking care of animals, cleaning farm, reparation of stables etc. It can also be some seasonal jobs especially in mink farms such as skinning minks and taking care of fur.

In farms it is possible to get a job not having special qualifications because most of our clients are ready to teach workers, who are willing to learn and want to work in a farm. Usually special experience is needed in farms for vaccination, castration, slaughtering, insemination of animals, welding, driving tractor, working with automated machinery in farm and etc.

In most cases our clients from farm sectors require only one worker in a farm, therefore that person should be able to communicate in English and be ready to work alone.


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It is very popular to grow Christmas trees for sale in Denmark. Therefore we have seasonal jobs in late autumn before Christmas such as cutting trees, picking branches, making bundles, packing and loading. In springtime and summer, we offer jobs such as cleaning forests, making fences, planting trees etc.

Usually small groups of people are required for those jobs and it is possible to go with friends.

We offer both - qualified and not qualified jobs in this sector. Usually experience is needed for using chainsaw, working with a lifts, driving tractor. Jobs like picking and packing branches of trees does not require special experience, only willingness to work.


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(Building, renovation, isolation, demolition, assembling)

We offer a wide range of outdoor and indoor building jobs. Sometimes it can be simple building jobs in a farm where is needed to fix something. And sometimes it can be jobs in big building projects where is needed to have experience in different spheres such as bricklaying, carpeting, painting, plastering, making ceiling, making floor, making roof, making stairs, installing door, installing gyps, laying concrete, laying tiles on walls, tiles of floors, installing alarm systems, electricity, doing demolition, renovation etc.

Usually are needed groups of people for building jobs in Denmark, therefore it is good opportunity to get a job if you have experience, but you do not speak English and it is also good possibility to work with your friends or relatives.





(Cleaning, health care, hotels, restaurants, other services)

We are taking care of a wide scope of tasks from simple cleaning tasks in factories, companies, hotels, apartments to complex assignments for drivers, nurses, etc. We provide cleaning services to offices, restaurants, hotels, public buildings etc. 

It can be both: seasonal jobs in summer and long time jobs. In some cases experience and English language are of a big importance, especially when the workers have to communicate with the clients. 


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(Food production, light industry, agricultural factories)

Our company realizes major projects in production sectors. It is fish, vegetables, food and other factories. Our employees perform tasks such as sorting, packing, loading, driving forklift, working at production lines etc. 

It is possible to get a job in factory not having special experience and not speaking English as it is usually jobs for group of people. We can offer long time jobs as well as short time assignments for seasonal jobs in factories before Easter and Christmas.



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Warehouses and Logistics


Baltic Workforce supports clients also in logistics and warehouse sectors.  Our non qualified workers work in all seasons by doing tasks such as cleaning warehouses, dealing with orders, making pallets, packing. For qualified personnel we offer jobs such as driving forklift, loading, labelling, working with automated machinery. Our offers are dedicated to workers who would like to work for longer period and also to support our clients in short and rush periods.

Usually knowledge of English language is really helpful to understand client needs and his requests.